BC Grad Tech

One of the Tech Club’s three goals is to build the key skills that will make our members successful in the Tech sector.  Since many of our members are interested in Product Management and Start-Ups, we decided to start our own Product Team.  The goal?  Go through the entire product development process from identifying pain points to testing hypotheses to prototyping to launching a product.  Ambitious?  Yes.  Doable?  We think so.  Fun?  Absolutely!

So where are we now?

With a small group of 7 MBAs from backgrounds as diverse as travel, finance, sales, history, and engineering, we have a diversity of talent, opinions, and skills.  We meet weekly and started at the very beginning.  Our first task was to frame our thinking by talking about apps or websites that we like and why.  Among the apps we liked were Opentable and Box and we noted that we liked them…

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