I’m passionate about product management and love sharing what I’ve learned from my decade of experience. I’m always happy to see how we can work together!

Lectures & Workshops

Whether its for MBAs, professionals, or entrepreneurs, I have run countless workshops on what it means to be a Product Manager, User Identification and Research, and how to find Product-Market Fit. I’m happy to speak to groups of all make-up and size.

Digital PM Course

Curious if Product Management is right for you? My “Demystifying Product Management” course may be what you need! Contact me to join the course.


I love helping develop PMs and always happy to help provide mentorship myself or connect you with others.

Interested in learning more?

Contact david.loverme@gmail.com


David has been a guest speaker in my class at Boston College several times, speaking to both undergraduate and MBA classes. I’ve found him to be knowledgeable, articulate, and enthusiastic. His material is right on target, and his slides and graphics are clear and helpful. He has a range of experiences as a Product Manager that he can bring to the classroom. He is genuinely interested in the students, and they have consistently enjoyed his presentations.

— Professor James Bright, Boston College

David mentored me in the early days of creating Wunderite. Even though our software is focused on a niche customer–independent insurance agents–David quickly sized up that to pack a better punch, we needed to deliver end-to-end value on one feature. David challenged me, and we stepped up, hacking our way forward showing it was possible to close that value-creation loop that had previously evaded us. David was spot on, and his advice lives on today at Wunderite.

— Peter MacDonald, Co-founder and CEO of Wunderite (backed by Spark Capital)