Every once in a while I stop in my tracks and think, “Wow…my friends do some really cool things!”  It brings so much joy to me and so I thought I would share a few stories with you in a series I am calling My Friends do Cool Things.

Bryant and I circa 2001 in Australia

A little over two years ago, a friend of mine, Bryant Naro, posted a link to a kickstarter page for a project that he and his wife Meagan were doing called Brew Hampshirea documentary on the budding craft beer scene in New Hampshire.  A longtime friend, I’ve known Bryant since we were 12 years old.  We traveled the world together on student tours in middle school and our bands played many a shared a bill in high school.  It had been some time since we had spoken but I was always excited to hear the updates on his film career from mutual friends and social media.  I knew he had spent time at Florentine Films but was impressed to hear he and Meagan had started their own production company, Slate Roof Films, and were working on a full length documentary on top of their day to day client work.  Always happy to support my friends in their endeavors, I backed the project and proceeded to more or less forget about it, despite the top notch job they did in providing frequent and meaningful project updates. Continue reading “Fermenting Entrepreneurship in the Granite State”