Anyway you slice it, a full time MBA is intense.  You read hundreds of cases and articles, write thousands of words, take hours of exams, and it’s all over in a flash.  Now that I am officially a Master of Business Administration, I thought it would be worth reflecting on the single biggest take-aways from each class I took.

My MBA lasted two years, the first of which uses quarters and the second, semesters.  As a result this will be a six part series of posts.

First Year: First Quarter


With maestros Pete and Carolyn Wilson at the helm, this class was certainly one of the most memorable of my time at BC.  Besides the lowest grade of my MBA career, however, what did I take away from the class?

  • Having the right vocabulary is crucial!  Without a finance background, most of the terms used in the class were new to me.  It was a lot like learning a foreign language.  The concepts were not too difficult but understanding what was asked was not as simple as it seems.
  • Read 10ks! You don’t have to be able to author financial statements but being able to read and interpret them can make or break a good business person and teach you a lot about the company.
  • Appreciate accountants! Their job is not easy but the better they do it, the easier it is for everyone else to do theirs.  Given the importance of proper accounting, the whole company should be committed to proper accounting.

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